Welcome back to Spying on Staff, our blog on what was discussed in our weekly server staff meeting and what is coming up as well. It was a shorter meeting this week, but a lot was discussed. 

     Cerberus opened up right away with his progress on the reworking of mob arena and we can now confidently say that it is completely reworked! He and Zephyna had been working and tweaking the new classes and the addition of drop waves! They did spend some extra time to rework the wave bosses and we think you’ll really like the changes that they’ve made

     Cerb also announced a minor quality of life update regarding an SQL script that he created to automatically pay out income every week, rather than it being a manual process done by himself.

     Moving onto more “Big Update” items on the agenda we went over the progress that we’ve accomplished on the summer festival grounds. We’ve revamped the greenery and trees, and are looking to add a few more games this year to keep things interesting. We also took the time to continue talking about prize tokens awarded after each minigame and are working on that final look of how they will be distinguished based on what game they were from. We are probably going to go with some type of color coding but we will keep you updated on the final result! 

     We’ve been trying to spend a bit more time present in the discord. If you have any questions or concerns or if you just want to chill with the squad you’re alway welcome to join us. Last week we had an awesome time with a few of you playing Gartic Phone ( a kind of mix between “Drawing with Friends” and “Telephone”). This gave us an idea. If you guys would like to see more things like this, and even things like group movie nights or music trivia, please comment below! We are definitely down to doing more things like this. 

     This is kind of a segway to the next point we discussed, which was the option of hosting other games on our server box. We are aware Eldinites play more than just Eldin, and having a little hosting of other games for the community to enjoy like Terraria or Valheim would be really fun. Feel free to mention which games you’d like to see hosted if we were to move forward with this idea, although it might not happen for a while.

     We’re putting together some information on MythicMobs that would allow Moonson to start putting together some videos about our custom monsters. Expect to see those videos in the coming weeks, as well as a website update that will display the same information (still debating on how to do the website part).

     Overall it was a simple but productive meeting. We did talk about how this blog was being received by you all, and we think that this is a good way to keep all of you in the loop on our thoughts and ideas. Thank you all so much for reading, and we’ll see you next time on Spying on Staff!

~NeoTokyoNora <3