Welcome back to Spying on Staff! It’s been a while since we’ve posted, as summer vacations and other life events have revealed themselves. 

Jumping right into it, we spent a good portion of the meeting discussing all that was on the agenda, namely the “Big Update”. Its progress has been delayed due to the life events mentioned above by many of our staff, myself included. We’re still aggressively on track though for its update goal of next weekend. We’ve progressed on a few of our planned smaller dungeons in addition to our already revealed title “The Lost Pyramid”, which is going well, but will require the texture pack to be redone for our custom mobs and items planned for it. We can’t wait for you all to see what’s in store! 

Azher was not at this week’s meeting due to time conflicts, but was able to update us on his progress regarding world border expansion. The border plugin is getting old and we discussed the possibility of not even having a plugin and just using minecrafts vanilla world border feature. We make use of the Vanilla borders in the dungeons, with the visibility of the border being the main attraction. 

The Festival team has worked tirelessly on our Summer Festival grounds, and some familiar games will be returning to the show, along with one or two new ones. We also talked about what the prizes would be for each minigame, whether we should incorporate a completely new roster, or add some old fan favorites. In past maps, we’ve had it so that the festival grounds could be accessed in the open overworld. This time however, lookout for a portal from spawn that will lead the way to the grounds. We are getting down to zero hour on the festival now, and it should launch on time with the rest of the features planned in “The Big Update”. 

Moving away from that project, we spoke about the addition of personal vaults, and adding banker NPCs to the bank building for this. It would work in much the same way as the guild vaults that we already have except on a more personal level. Time permitting, personal vaults will be a part of The Big Update. If we run out of time, they will arrive shortly after.

Brendan has done us a huge favor and painstakingly done the footwork for adding new decorative heads in the server head shop. A lot of players find joy in the small things. These heads add the finishing touch to any interior design project you might have in mind. 

As many of you have already seen, the winners for the Trailer Competition have been announced, and Cerberus has already shipped and delivered the grand prize to our first prize winner, and has discussed arrangements to distribute the rest of the prizes accordingly to the other second and third place winners. 

While Cerberus pined over Azher’s absence in the meeting, Tdub brought up our tests on mining and ore distribution for this version as well as 1.17 / 1.18. We’re taking extra care to maintain our economy with this update, as well as keeping everything else that already exists in our economy in check too. 

Finally we closed the meeting talking about mobs. Firstly, Moonson has been working very hard on “introduction to the mob” videos that showcase all of the custom mobs that Eldin has to offer. While we were on the subject of this, we also mentioned that there are a few mobs that are still giving us problems with mob drops after death. There still isn’t a resolution for this yet, but the Administrators should correct this error soon. And last, but not least, we talked about how some of our custom mobs have names rather than their invisible nametags that they usually possess. 

It was a fairly condensed meeting, and everyone had something to contribute as we prepare to launch “the Big Update” and some of these smaller fixes. Thanks again for reading Spying on Staff!

~Nora <3