I can hardly contain my excitement, so without further adieu I’ll just hop right into this one! The big update is out, and all of our team are extremely excited to see what all of you think! All of these changes have been months in making. We hope that all of you will enjoy the new Dungeons and other goodies that have been launched along with this. Trust me, its been extremely hard to not spoil and ruin all the surprises for you! 

The meeting yesterday was extremely productive, everyone brought forward their final thoughts and status updates on their projects before the big launch. 

What took up most of our time this go round was the Summer Festival, which was in its final stages of completion and needed only one or two more decisions to be made in order to launch. 

We updated one or two games to be a little more honest. Cerb made sure that tokens will be honestly earned, and there wouldn’t be much to fudge in terms of unfair advantages. =)

Next we moved along to the creation and application of the Arcane Forge, a nifty little place where you will be able to take custom drops from various dungeons and apply them into custom craftable/ legendary goodies! I think PVP and PVE will look very different as we see more of these weapons come into play.

Moonson is still deep in development of her “introduction to mobs” videos and we talked about how she plans to group mobs in her videos by theme and also we spent some time helping her with some tricky shots for material for her video feed. It’s super awesome of Moonson to give us a showcase of all of these custom mobs, because they are really what make Eldin so very unique. 

We talked about our new logo, which we have full rights over and will be sending off for some creative differences here in the next few weeks. For now, the clean new design allows for a lot of different angle and perspectives and we think its pretty multifaceted. We’ve updated it in the Discord and forums as well as made it a new emote in our discord chat, hooray!

Finally we talked about our progress on our instagram, Which Bad Cereal has been maintaining. She’s itching for more content, so please as you see some really spiffy things on eldin don’t be afraid to drop them into screenshots stating where you took them! 

Tdub is still working on our collection of data involving mining, for both this map the new caves and cliffs update stats as well. Once again its important for our economy to be maintained through all these changes. 

That was the end of the meeting really, and the rest of the time was spent with the staff finishing up those last final details for the update that you can now enjoy! 

Thanks for reading and if you don’t mind, I think I’ll bow out now… I want to go try those new dungeons! 

~Nora <3