Welcome again to another volume of Spying on Staff, although a bit delayed. This week’s meeting was a productive one. 

As it turns out, and as Cerberus has already mentioned in an update, berry growth rates were bugged, but have since been corrected at their usual growing rate. We had been relentlessly testing berries for almost the whole map now and we finally had a fix for this issue. Now you will find berries grow at a slower more natural rate, even in their best biome. 

Cerberus’ biggest project at the moment is the server documentation page. The best way that I can describe it will be essentially an Eldin Wiki where custom mobs, dungeons, items, and other unique things will be thoroughly explained. 

Cerberus also has on his plate for this week the introduction and addition of more decorative heads in the headshop. Interior Designers Rejoice! 

Moonson brought up that a tutorial page on Eldin’s Documentation page would be a good addition and Cerb agreed that it would be a smart idea to do, in addition to the tutorial NPC’s that we have at spawn. 

As you have also seen from Cerb’s recent update, Moonson has posted her first video on the introduction to a custom mobs project that she has taken upon herself to do. More of these videos to come; another great way to learn about and explore Eldin’s custom features. 

Cerberus and Azher talked together about server optimization, and the two of them put their heads together on yet more ways to increase server optimization. They have made it clear that we are doing our absolute best to prepare for 1.18 and the challenges it will provide with performance.

Overall, it was a great meeting with a lot of things discussed and accomplished. I’ll be better about posting these at the beginning of the week, instead of halfway through so that all of you stay informed on what’s discussed in our weekly meetings! 

Thank you again for reading Spying on Staff! See you on the server!

NeoTokyoNora~ <3