Heyo and welcome to another posting of Spying on Staff. Much of the same this week, as we talk about small things and wind down with summer plans and obligations.

Cerberus started the meeting out with his mention of the progress made on the documentations page. You may have noticed now that when you click The “Server Information” button at the top of the menu bar that our familiar drop down menu no longer appears. Instead, what you’ll find is a neat concise series of categories relating to all things Eldin.

Last week it was discussed that shulkers didn’t seem to be dropping shulker shells. Cerb was able to find this bug and correct it so you should now be able to hunt shulkers normally. Their usual 50% drop rate has been restored.

Zephyna has been hard at work on the map of our new upcoming dungeon. It will be a more difficult dungeon made for a group of 3-4 people and will be about the same size as the Orc dungeon. Of course, with the new dungeon will come all sorts of new items and new crafting recipes that make a dungeon feel truly unique.

The events team got together and talked about the prospect of world events periodically taking place on Eldin. We definitely like the idea of a fun world event happening with boosted exp or special drops occurring every now and again. We discussed a couple different plugins and concepts that would work for what we’re looking for. We talked about blood moon events, village defense, hunger games, etc. Let us know in the comments on what type of events you’d like to see more of. 

We have a fishapalooza this Saturday, so get your rods and reels ready! It’s bound to be a great night with friends as we fish up some experience and hopefully those coveted mending books! 

Finally, Tdub’s been working on some pixel art for the lucky rabbit’s foot. This is one of the few items without a custom appearance so it will be a nice addition to make it more unique than a normal rabbit’s foot.

We’re happy to share that we do have more things coming down the pipeline to entertain and inspire. News of a new dungeon being developed is super exciting to announce to you all. 

Thank you for reading, and see you next week with another Spying on Staff entry!

NeoTokyoNora ~<3