Hey everyone, Cerb here this time instead of Nora. It’s been a busy few weeks for all of us, even though we’ve still been having our meetings they’ve been kept fairly short. This post will be a compilation of the last few weeks!

We took the feedback from the discord thread that I made a while ago about possible new weapons to add to the game, and we decided to go with spears! TDub has been doing some awesome preliminary work on textures and models to make sure spears have that vanilla Minecraft feel to them.

Like Daggers, Spears will have all the different recipes (stone, iron, steel, diamond, netherrite) craftable at the blacksmith. TDub has also done some awesome work on rare and unique spears that will be similar to the berserkers axe; rare spears with special effects! We’re going to spend the time to really polish these up so they offer a different playstyle while still feeling like they belong on the server.

During one of the meetings we talked about doing a Blood Moon event maybe biweekly or once a month. A Blood Moon would mean harder hitting monsters with more health, but also higher rewards (more exp, maybe even special crafting materials or items?). We even talked about how we could use our servers custom resource pack to our advantage and actually change the skybox to be a blood red moon!

We were thinking this could be a weekend-long event of higher risk, higher reward gameplay. Let us know what you guys think; I think we have a plan for how we could accomplish this, we think it sounds pretty fun and could spice up the gameplay a bit.

A big milestone that has happened within the last couple weeks: Zephyna has completed the building for our next dungeon! More details will be released in future volumes, but this dungeon will be for 3-4 people and fall in-between the difficulty of the lost pyramid and ushatar maudhul, the orc camp.

With the building done, it’s now on my shoulders to finish up tweaking the custom monsters and add in some cool new loot!

A topic we revisit every meeting, but rarely include in these behind-the-scenes looks is 1.17. I don’t have any updates on when ya’ll can expect to see Eldin transitioning into the update, but I do know that it is still buggy and lackluster in terms of plugin support. I’ve seen lots of posts of other server owners going from 1.16 -> 1.17 and half their plugins don’t work. Once that change happens there is also no going back. It would be a pretty devastating blow to be stuck on a broken update.

We have however, started talking about copper! I think as opposed to netherrite, copper probably will be added as a servershop item. We are going to run some numbers and do some experimentation to find a good price for it.

With the spawn rates, generation of ores, and even the fortune enchantment totally changing, ya’ll can expect to see updated ore prices before we move to 1.17. We want to make informed decisions and not shoot from the hip on this subject, any economy changes can have extreme ramifications if we aren’t careful.        

Thanks everyone for being awesome, we’ve been pretty busy with summer coming to a close and school starting again (2 of us are teachers). We’re still pushing ahead on lots of different fronts and we appreciate everyone!